Live hard, Live fast

Rock on.

Shades and metal.

Man, why do I always miss out on the good stuff?

I rolled out of bed this morning, and finally started my submersion. That’s been going well, but what the hell. If I wasn’t so overdue to submerge, I probably would have killed for those concert tickets, even if we didn’t have a ‘Run. What the hell though…

So the boys get a call from Smiley, and I figure what the hell. They got another dude who can handle the hackin’ this time. That lame elf, sure, but he knows how to sling code. I can take care of my business for once, since I’m sittin’ on enough cred.

So this Johnson, he tells ‘em to hike out and snatch this band. Basically says just yank ‘em as spectacularly as possible, bonus points if they grab ‘em off the stage, but if they just never make it there, that’s good enough. Then just drive ‘em an hour out and dump ‘em out of the van.

‘Course my crew ain’t idiots. You don’t roll with Black Rock by bein’ stupid. They want to know why. For once, the J answers the damn question. He’s workin’ in the interest of a rival SecuFirm that wants the band’s contract. Figures he makes the current help look like idiots, he’ll be good to roll. And he heard we had some contacts in the Ork Rock scene.

So the boys roll on in, and sure enough, its their old pal, Freddy. ‘Course Fred didn’t know we screwed ‘em last time, but hey… never turn down a free hand. Gets ‘em in easy enough, despite the crazy security.

Meanwhile, the wimpy code slinger has started figurin’ something out. This band’s schedule is just unreal. They play every single day? Seriously? Even on opposite sides of the country? It just ain’t possible- people got to sleep, y’know?

Bit more diggin’ and a blasted Watcher Spirit later, an’ they realize the band sounds identical at every concert. Like not just good close, like note-for-note. Somethin’ funky’s going on with this shit.

I mean what the hell. Fuckin’ posers. I mean I don’t play, and sure I could prob fake it with the right tech, but what the hell? Who the fuck insults Rock that way?

So like my boys dig around, and you know, with some slick searchin’ from the ‘trix, and he manages to find out the rigger they got, he’s like, seriously in to trolls. Seriously, a human all over troll puss? The fuck? Whatever.

So my boys, they grab up some troll er…. “hotties” and they walk up to sec and tell ‘em they got the girls. They roll there eyes an’ let ‘em by, an’ the dude asks ‘em where the rest of the band is! How fuckin’ rediculous! So they grab the rest of the team, an’ get up in there.

And then, the most epic rock concert ever begins, with them wearin’ skillsoft shades, an’ one of them wearin’ a voice synth… and the rigger runnin’ a badass hologram rig over top of ‘em.

Friggin’ crazy.

Shit, I wish all my jobs were so badass. Ah well, at least my bud brought me the voice synth. Ain’t exactly useful, but hell, it’s fun as shit to talk in a death metal growl all the time.

Ah well.

Anyway, Rock On, boys and girls.

Black Rock


Kiashien Kiashien

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