Black Rock


Black Rock, a ‘runner known to work with you from time to time.

Technomancer with a reputation for walking in in the flesh, a bit rare for most Techs, and is known for his boot-to-the-throat approach…. In hacking, and in general.

He blasts the gates, takes what he wants, and strolls away, usually without any stealth. And crushes anything that tries to get in his way.

Essentially, he’s an ork. With all that means, in the flesh or online

He’s also known to be a talker, able to talk his way through whatever he needs.

He has his pistol, and he wields it with enough skill to be a bit scary. No one’s seen him bother with another weapon- he generally will just hack the autonomous weaponry.

Finally, he has a penchant for Ork Rock.

Black Rock

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