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    Shadowrunners. I'm the guy to find 'em for you. You need a job? I'll get the people. And if you cross me, those same people will find you, and make sure you never do "business" again, understand? I got hackers, riggers, street thugs, samurai. …

  • The Herd

    Satyr Gang, territory in the south. Known members: [[:flanitor-ramshackle-esquire-iii | Flanitor Ramshackle Esquire III]], [[:kazaam | Kazaam]]

  • Smiley

    Smiley runs the "Trolls Hit Like Girls" tavern. Oddly, it is a popular hangout for Trolls. The drinks are brutal, the clients are rough, and it seems at least half of them either are 'Runners, or could be. Not a good place to pick a fight, because the …