I’m the guy to find ‘em for you. You need a job? I’ll get the people.

And if you cross me, those same people will find you, and make sure you never do “business” again, understand?

I got hackers, riggers, street thugs, samurai. Rockers, truckers, drivers, casters. You tell me what you want done, and I’ll find the people to do it.

The price ain’t mine to set, I’ll give ya a group of people who can do the job, and guess about what you’re lookin’ at, but I ain’t telling them what to charge. They’re professionals, they know how to do jobs. I just know who can do ‘em. You don’t like their price, well, I’ll recommend the second-best. But I’ll let ya know… They ain’t going to be as good at gettin’ the job done as the first crew.

But if you want ‘Runners… I can get ‘em.


Live hard, Live fast

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