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Shadowrun 4th edition.

Vast majority of shadowrun books are available, however if you doubt it, ask the GM.

The absolute best book you can buy (Not required, but if you’re going to buy one, this is it) is this one.

I have a copy of it available for loan. It is currently loaned out. I will see if I can borrow a copy of the 4th edition book from a friend to make it also available.

Both books contain the same information, the 20th anniversary version is MUCH better organized however.

Starting points are Default +50 for creating your character.

Be gentle on me with magic, if you could. The magic/technomancy/hacking rules are very complicated, but at this point I mostly get the technomancy and hacking side. When in doubt, I’ll just order a set of rolls and go with it- be prepared to deal with that. It might not be rules kosher, but I want to keep the game moving.

Something to note for new ‘Runners: Death is a second away, at all times. A single bullet can kill you. You are living on the edge. Be ready for it.

Decide what setting you are in when you get your first call, and post it in the GM only section.

For Level section of characters, simply use the # of Karma points you have earned, if you want to keep your char up to date on here.

Main Page

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